Spring Forward Fashion Trends Inspire Classical Coifs
by Marci Landgraf

This spring season brings back pretty pastels, lace and ruffles with silhouettes that reflect glamour and romance.

For hair we take cues from the fabulous frocks we see on the runway, shapes are soft and classical. Texture this season takes a turn from sleek polished hair to soft summertime - cruising with the top down, effortless hair. On the runway we see: long hair, ponytails and buns that look like they took a ride down the coast in an old convertible Bel air.
Kitchen Hair  Cooking Up a Sexier Look 
By Nicholas Peters

Do you crave softer, shinier hair? Does your hair always seem to be lacking moisture? Well, you don't have to spend a fortune to get some of that luster back. Look no further than your kitchen for a natural way to treat your tresses with olive oil. It has long been known that olive oil is essential to a healthy diet and now it is gaining popularity as a beauty aid.
Say Goodbye Frizz Hello Brazilian Blowout
by Katie Nuetz

Do you have dry, frizzy and unmanageable hair? Do you have to plan out your showers knowing the task it takes to dry, smooth and style your desired mane? Do you want out of the shower GORGEOUS locks that make people envy your shiny frizz free head of hair? Then you need the treatment that has taken the Hollywood beauties by storm. It’s called the Brazilian Blowout and Muse Hair Boutique is your ticket to the hair you always wished you had.